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One Look & Feel, Easy To Use, With Speed!

I am a very strong advocate for symmetry and alignment in the color and look & feel for all of your content.  Use this guidance (design palette) to build up your content as bite size components.  This adds to the flexibility and reuseability for all of your content development.  Components built for documents, presentations, online or mobile ads, or direct email promotions, can be repurposed and used across your promotional space saving you time and resource while at the same time building on your singular brand equity.


The second critical message for the connected world is to remember the fleeting attention spans of today's audience.  Everything that you create has to be fast to load and easy to use.  Simplicity is not a compromise; it is a design essential. 


There is a general rule of thumb for the connected world that has not changed for decades since the original IBM green screen designs.  I do not have a reference to cite but I was informed at the beginning of my career that studies suggested that users at a screen would give the application attention as long as response time remained under 2 seconds.  As soon as response times extended beyond that time, the user's mind began to wander to distractions. 


I have used this rule of thumb as a maximum response time for every application I have developed with success.  The reward is attentive users that build a preference for your communities.  If your properties always use your customer's precious time in a productive manner, the reward will be loyal and dedicated users that will come back again and again.  


There are many tools that will help you accelerate your page delivery to your visitors to improve your brand experience.  Google PageSpeed and Firefox Firebug are two of the most common.  These can give you great insight into your weaknesses.  You also have to monitor your brand experience from the outside world using tools like Keynote or Gomez.  Each of these can help you guarantee quality of experience for your visitors.


The combination of one look & feel with fast, easy to use content will have an additive benefit to your brand equity.  Always look out for your user's precious time.



This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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