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Phrase Ownership - Positioning

We began with our corporate strategy and a flight path or direction for our company aspirations.  We distilled that direction into one message for the brand and the experience we wanted to create for our customers.  The key tenets of this strategy and the products or services that we create will lead us to key word phrases or concepts that are very important to our company.  You need to create overt programs to represent or "own" these concepts or phrases as a fundamental part of your brand.


These concepts should be included in every piece of material created.  Content management systems should promote the use of these phrases.  Every time a user types these phrases into Google, you want to be the first organic result to appear on the page.  Concept or phrase ownership is not easy.  It takes a consistent proacted effort but it also has a huge benefit from a customer exposure standpoint.  If your brand aligns to a fundamental concept, you will always be visible when a customer starts their acquisiton process.


Your core competencies will be critical concepts to own.  These phrases represent your brand.  Combined with your products, it should be easy to identify 50 or 100 key word phrases closely related to your brand and your products.  You can get some good ideas around a topic through the Google Keyword tool, Uber Suggest, Hubspot's Keyword tool, or Twitter trends.


Once you identify these concepts, commit to them.  Invest these phrases into your content, advertise them, buy key word promotions, and pursue these terms.  These are key to your positioning.



This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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