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Systems are basically my way of describing an agility platform strategy.  When you are building marketing systems, the critical issues are to build trust and be responsive.  The trouble is you have to do this very quickly because your customers have a very short attention span and they can also have a long memory for bad experiences.  When they touch you they want to be satisfied, they'd love to be delighted.  They don't like it when you miss their expectations.  Consistency with agility is how you win in this game.


Your marketing systems basically have to increase revenue, lower cost, and service your customers.  The top level result we all need is to grow the number of customers that take action and buy from us.  If we can do that faster and for larger value than the competition, we will grow market share and be considered a success.  For every system you have, there are many ways to measure progress but the only one that really matters is revenue growth.  I believe that comes from customer satisfaction.


I call my systems our agility platform because it is based on software investments and the business process that we build into them.  If the only thing you do is to adopt the SalesForce Marketing Cloud, you will not be any different than any other SalesFoirce customer.  The secret sauce that makes you stand out is the business process that you capture in software and the people you have that execute with it.


The overall cycle is always the same.  Map out your ideal result or strategy.  Implement this as quickly as possible with the resources and constraints you have.  Listen and watch how your customers and users engage with the system.  Improve the system based on the feedback, observations, and suggestions that you get.  Rinse and repeat.  I coined the phrase for this years ago as Fire, Ready, Aim.  (and then do it again)


The faster or more agile you are with these updates, the more successful you will be.  Build systems that manage your content, and your data sources, service and monitor your users, and are based on flexible technologies so you can adapt and change them regularly.






This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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