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I Was Lucky Enough To Work With Many Great People Over The Years and We Accomplished A Great Deal.


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Recommendations For Phil

General Manager, WEBENCH Design Center, Texas Instruments:

“In my role in Field Applications Engineering at National Semiconductor, I witnessed Phil evangelize the use of the internet before the consumer internet revolution.
He led efforts to implement business tools for reaching customers, for delivering industry leading design tools to customer design engineers, and linking web based business activity to internal users and business systems.
He was consistently effective at these efforts while always being open to suggestions and sharing development plans with internal users.” October 4, 2012

1st Fred Doroshow, Member of Technical Staff - Analog Field Applications, Texas Instruments  (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instrument)


“Phil has the rare combination of vision, creativity and drive to make it happen. He was the driving force behind National Semiconductor's (now Texas Instrument's) Webench online design tool. This tool changed a company and an industry and still leads. His contributions extend far beyond that, and he's also a well respected colleague and manager. I'm proud to recommend him.” September 20, 2012

1st Don Rhodes, Member of Technical Staff (MTS) Field Applications Engineer - FAE, Texas Instruments (worked indirectly for Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)


“If I was starting a company, Phil would be one of the first people I would hire to set the direction, make it profitable and keep it innovative. Phil is a true visionary, he is Intensely passionate, and mad scientist creative...but his true value is the decades of proven success bringing those visions to reality by motivating teams of people to make the impossible, a reality. True innovation is an elusive thing, that I would say no one has mastered or fully understands fully, but I would say Phil Gibson is as much an expert in this area as anyone I have ever worked with or for.” September 7, 2012

1st Eric Larson, Principal Sales Engineer, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I worked with Phil over a long period on the Webench project at National Semiconductor. He was key to what Webench is today - a well-accepted widely used design platform. I know Phil being very focused and goal oriented, always responsive and open to suggestions. Even in situations with a shortage on resources, he made additional objectives happen to support customer needs by motivating people.” September 6, 2012

1st Harald Hieber, Field Application Manager CE & EE, National Semiconductor (worked indirectly for Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instrument)



“I worked with Phil while managing European Marketing and Sales for National and Texas Instruments. Phil has been a key strategic player for our company, when searching, engaging with and securing customers and new business.

His contribution to the semiconductor industry with customers on/off-line tools has been remarkable, setting the leading example for customer support tools with sales follow up.

His passion for listening to customer needs and providing them with valued services is outstanding. Phil can effectively work with sales people, designers, university researchers, and management to make sure a company´s goals are achieved
with success.

I had many opportunities to work with Phil along the years and I saw him as always available with professional support.  He is also a very good presenter that you can always put in front of the Press and customers.” September 4, 2012

1st Salvatore Napolitano, Director, Product Marketing, National Semiconductor
(worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil was fundamental to the development of Webench Tool at National Semiconductor and its integration in TI. He was always driven by sales and market needs. I met him as extremely collaborative, reliable and professional colleague. We developed together some regional specific elements in Central and East Europe, which was under my responsibility. It increased my teams efficiency in following up the leads and customer needs much easier, helping to develop certain market elements faster and generated higher value to our distribution partners. The potential created with Webench was unique and one of the most innovative products in the industry. Phil's creativity and highly collaborative and learning attitude was a key pillar in enabling such a product. Thank You very much for the excellent time we spent together.

Ali Sahin” September 1, 2012

1st Ali Sahin, RSM Central & Eastern Europe, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I have had the pleasure of working with Phil for over 23 years at National Semiconductor and most recently Texas Instruments. I first worked with Phil when he was in major account sales for our Ethernet Products group in the early days of the internet when NSC was the the dominant supplier to companies like Novell, 3Com, etc.

Later on as an Executive, Phil had a major role in developing our website into one of the best in the industry which also won numerous awards each year as recognized by EDN and others, it was definitely a source of pride with the sales force at NSC.

Phil was also instrumental in developing world class tools for our sales force such as award winning ePitchPaks, CRM tools, reporting tools, etc.Phil would be a very valuable asset to any organization looking to upgrade their sales processes to enable their sales teams to be more effective."” September 1, 2012

1st Cory Mills, Technical Sales Representative, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil’s style was open and inviting to questions and he welcomed new ideas and expressed appreciation for them. He willingly gave his time respond to questions thoroughly. Phil’s leadership, management and ability to get things done are an inspiration to us all. He always encouraged and supported his employees for balancing family life and a strong work ethic.

If you have the drive to excel you can succeed with Phil's support and encouragement. I was a determined energetic woman, I began my journey as an admin, proved my skills, worked my way through school to earn my degree, had a family, earned promotions, and now I lead my own organization. Phil coached, taught, and lead by example, this enabled me to be in the position of authority that I am today.

Phil was an excellent manager, he lead a super high IQ web team that consisted of web developers, content managers and marketing. He developed a world class website and WEBENCH designer tools (that won many industry awards). He promoted teamwork, was a great listener, an empathetic mentor, and always was available when needed by his team.

I felt fortunate to be part of Phil's organization that had goals, expectations and the drive to execute the best tools for our customers. I learned from watching Phil managed a diverse team with respect and integrity. Phil's calm demeanor inspired me how to deal with high pressure projects and tight deadlines. Phil taught me how to motivate, compromise and work out any issues in a supportive way. The fact that I was a woman, a mother, and Vietnamese, was irrelevant. I was part of a high achieving Team that always reached for the impossible and made it look easy. Anyone that works for Phil is lucky to have the experience.

I highly recommend Phil as he would be a great contributor to any corporation embracing his ability and talent.” August 31, 2012

1st Tanya Quach, Sr. Manager, Web Business Marketing, National Semiconductor
(reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil is one of those rare individuals who willingly goes above and beyond what is requested of him for the sake of ensuring a positive long-term business relationship. His customer-centered efforts with WEBENCH as well as his involvement with the integration of National Semi into Texas Instruments were invaluable. Phil's dependability and attention to closing the loop on all sorts of issues make him an outstanding managerial candidate. I appreciated his work and heartily endorse him. He is a responsible leader who demonstrates integrity and a commitment to customer service.” August 30, 2012

1st Joe Hauglie, Internet Marketing - MCU/Stellaris, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil architected the vision for our company's leading analog web design tool. He evangelized the WEBENCH vision internally and externally, and assembled the team that took the tool to its current level of industry leadership.” August 29, 2012

1st Malcolm Humphrey, Vice President and General Manager, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil Gibson is a marketing guru with the vision to create something valuable and the persistence to develop it despite many obstacles. Phil is a rare individual who knows how to get outside of the corporate walls to see what customers need and to give them something better than they thought they could have. National Semiconductor's Award Winning On-Line brand existing because of Phil Gibson. But it takes more than vision. It also takes leadership to attract the types of individuals who will buy-in to the vision and to make it a reality. Phil has these qualities.” August 28, 2012

1st Mark Davidson, Marketing Director, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)




“Among all the excellent professional and personal skills of Phil, I always saw a strategic observer, always willing to listen to the inputs from the field and to drive them in a constructive way. Phil helped me a lot in my job as Field Application Engineer with his tools and support, making my visits at the customers for sure more successfull.

The WEBENCH is a great design tool, probably the best for power supply design. This huge success is not just the result of mathematical routines and formulas; having software engineers and power designers working on such a ambitious project is not enough.

There is a lot more behind. There is the capability to understand how such a complex platform must be done, how the final users "would like to have" that tool, in order to be used easily, effectively. Even the position of a graphical button, or a particular sequence of graphic interfaces can completely change the results in terms of usage, of success of the tool; this, independently on how good is the math behind. Phil played the main role in driving and coordinating this orchestra.

I've been in contact with Phil so many times in the last 5 years, first at National Semiconductor and then at Texas Instruments, getting always excellent and prompt support. I wish Phil all the best for his successful career.” August 26, 2012

1st Matteo Landi, Power Management Field Application Engineer, Texas Instruments GmbH (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I worked extensively with Phil Gibson to leverage his brilliant WEBENCH platform into a model that could be used to support critical strategic partnership with an outside supplier. WEBENCH is a platform of knowledge so powerful that its potential for driving market understanding and penetration is limitless. He did that - quietly and humbly. A true visionary.” August 26, 2012

1st Jim Broiles, Product Line Marketing Manager, Non-isolated Power Solutions Product Line, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil’s and my departments at National Semiconductor throughout the nineties were closely linked together and interdependent to achieving results.


I am honored to give Phil my highest recommendation as an innovative, supportive results-oriented senior executive in communications and on-line commerce. Phil plans extremely well and always exceeds the plan. He is experienced and capable of planning and managing large departments and large projects. Phil has a supportive, balanced leadership style, is a coach, mentor and advisor to men and women in his own and other departments. He is fair, flexible, guides and motivates his direct reports to achieve their goals and to grow professionally. Phil is innovative and sets new standards in web design, e-commerce and online marketing. Phil will be a valuable asset to any organization fortunate enough to attract him.


Ann Berry-Gallegos, President, ABG Design, Marketing & Sales,  August 26, 2012


1st Ann Berry-Gallegos, Director of Worldwide Advertising/Director of Marketing Communications, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation in the 90's)



“Phil is a giant in the world of analog design. He's an inspirational leader possessing a combination of talents rarely found: innovator, marketer/salesman, and visionary. In 1999, he created the WEBENCH software that revolutionized power supply design. Today, WEBENCH has grown to a powerful set of software tools and visual interfaces that deliver complete power, lighting, and sensing designs in seconds. Year after year, Phil and his incredible WEBENCH development team have built unrivaled analog design tools. And practically every new tool has been recognized with an innovation of the year award from the industry’s leading trade magazines. Phil's also a PR manager’s dream spokesman, often sought out by the media.” August 26, 2012

1st Mark Alden, Media Relations Manager, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil has a unique blend of business and technical savvy. Often credited with being a visionary, I think Phil's real secret is his ability to translate between the technical and business sides, and effectively communicate what problems are and propose solutions to them. As a manager, Phil is great at laying out a "vision", and then getting out of the way and letting his people find the best way to get there.” August 25, 2012

1st Rick Downs, Signal Chain Applications Manager, WEBENCH® Design Center, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil is easily the best leader I have experienced in 25 years of writing software. He has a firm grasp on the task of vision to strategy to implementation. I have worked for many who get one or two of those, but rarely do you find all three. There was a lot of pressure to succeed for our whole effort and even more for my particular application. Phil was consistently a calming force of reason and perspective. Even though I was three levels below him, he personally helped me cope with the challenges by showing me what was more important in the larger picture and why our approach would succeed. I would jump at the chance to work for him again.” August 24, 2012

1st Robert Farrow, Software Architect - WEBENCH Design Tools, Texas Instruments (worked indirectly for Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil Gibson is very powerful semiconductor industry internet marketing director who took strong initiative to build National Semiconductor official web site.

His philosophy for the web services to attact our customers is very consistent. He kept this philosophy over 10 years and his team and myself were executing the powerful marketing following his strong leadership.

He built WEBENCH, one of the famous online simulation tool at National Semiconductor web site. This made board level simulation very easy and a lot of customers and FAEs were using it for daily business.

He analyzes the customers' attitude very carefully and prepare the content and navigation based on the analytics.

He will be the strongest web strategy driver in any IT company!” August 24, 2012

1st Rie Ito, (worked directly with Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation)



“I've worked for Phil directly and indirectly for 13 of the 17 years I've worked at National Semiconductor/Texas Instruments. In that time, just some of the management skills I've grown to respect are: Phil recognized that every employee is unique; yet had the ability to motivate employees to perform better. He knew his staff and their job responsibilities in detail, and encouraged training that fit each person's interest. He would set goals for himself and his staff with a vision for how he wanted his department to run, in the present and in the future. He could communicate his vision, and direct staff energy to meet these goals. Phil thought outside the box. He took advantage of every opportunity, big and small, to praise employees for work well done. There were no surprises at review time. He was lavish with praise but knew how to communicate if you were not performing as expected. He was always available. I always felt comfortable to approach Phil with questions and concerns. I could depend on Phil for guidance and he was the best role model of what excellent performance is all about.” August 24, 2012

1st Bonnie Estrada, Staff Software Engineer, Semiconductors (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I had the pleasure of working with Phil as part of the WEBENCH organization, albeit short lived. Phil envisioned the need of the semiconductor industry well ahead of time and had the leadership abilities to make it a reality, which has now redefined various standards.

I was very impressed that someone at his level was so easy to approach and took great interest in every single member of his organization. He was very passionate about every project undertaken and technically very strong to discuss the details with his engineers.

He is a very effective manager who has the ability to bring out the best from his team. He has truly the best combination of marketing, managerial and technical abilities one can find in a successful leader.” August 23, 2012

1st Nithya Narayanaswamy, Software Engineer, Texas Instruments (worked directly with Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Over the last 15 yrs, I have had the pleasure of working with Phil, while he was in charge of Marketing/Communications and Internet Marketing at National Semiconductor as well as at Texas Instruments.


Phil has a great vision for reaching customers via the web, by providing the right tools and web experience. Phil has worked tirelessly to build the Internet tools like Webench to be the best in the Industry.


As a business manager I have worked closely with Phil and appreciated his genuine interest to improve the business results and customer relationships through Internet Marketing, something that has been crucial to the broad market Analog business of both National and TI.” August 23, 2012

1st Arie van Rhijn, General Manager, Precision Linear Products, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I worked under Phil's organization at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments for a period of 12 years. Phil developed the vision for National's award winning website and WEBENCH online design tool suite. Phil's leadership was instrumental in turning WEBENCH into one of the most successful web tool suites in the semiconductor industry. Phil is known for for pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards in the industry. He is relentless in being first to market. His driving force leaves competitors far behind. Phil brings the best out of his employees. He is tough but fair. He drives his people to excel and brings passion to the workplace. He fosters loyalty among his people... many of whom have stayed with him for over 10 years. Phil has a rare combination of outstanding leadership and visionary qualities. As my manager, he has earned my respect and admiration.” August 23, 2012

1st Khang Nguyen, Software Manager, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I have known Phil for 20 years. He has always responded to my needs as a sales person. Years ago NSC initiated Lotus notes opportunity tracking and then E-Pitch Paks. Phil was very instrumental in the adoption these inititives and made the transition a lot smoother for the sales team. He was always very helpful when you needed assistance and implemented processes to make the system user friendly.He also recognized people who did well and was a team player.” August 23, 2012

1st Ara Balian, Account Manager, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil gets it done. He is a pragmatic data driven decision maker that delivered a compelling and competitive advantage to National/TI. His eye for talent and leadership created a solid and nimble team that could creative value for the company. Phil will make a great addition to any company trying to work it's way through complex technology delivery issues.” August 23, 2012

1st Ed Fullman, Marketing Director - Analog, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil is a visionary and hands-on driver. The inventor of one of the best online design tools in the industry, Webench, he was always open for questions and feedback from the regions and supported regional lead management activities with great advice and ideas.” August 23, 2012

1st Kerstin Uhl, Communications Manager EMEA, Texas Instruments (worked directly with Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Having worked directly for Phil, as well as alongside him, I can categorically say that Phil will be an asset to any project or team. He is a leader and a seasoned, experienced manager who builds motivated teams, and then leads them to accomplish great things. Phil's most impressive trait however, is his versatility. I have seen him take on projects that are wildly different and come up with differentiated, creative solutions. I would work with Phil again.” August 23, 2012

1st Ling Smith, Business Manager (Advanced PC), National Semiconductor Corp
(reported to Phil at National Semiconductor)



“Phil was responsible for all the Webench oversight. I truly appreciate Phil’s leadership within his organization and his vision that resulted in the great award winning tool known as Webench. This tool is recognized thoughout the industry as a tool that can save an engineer valuable time, we truly appreciate all that Phil has done! Thanks Phil!” August 23, 2012

1st David Baba, Senior Applications Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I had the pleasure to work with Phil for several years and he has several good qualities like:
* he is very focused on results and customer needs
* he takes care of his team
* he makes time to talk to people/reply emails even though he may have tons of urgent things to do (and he does not miss the dead lines...)
* he is really marketing oriented
* he is tech savvy and knows how to take advantage of them
* he is open to new ideas
Rogerio” August 22, 2012


1st Rogerio Almeida, Engineering Selection Tools and Solutions Strategy - Internet Marketing, Texas Instruments (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I had the pleasure of working with Phil for several years during his time at National Semiconductor / Texas Instruments. He always kept me on my toes and proved to be an invaluable long-term business partner. Phil's got a great mix of technical aptitude (without getting into the weed unnecessarily) and business acumen, with a very clear communication style that makes it easy to get things done. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again!” August 22, 2012


1st Nathan Adachi, Strategic Account Executive, Akamai Technologies (was a consultant or contractor to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil is a great manager that I have ever enjoyed to work with during my engineer career with several small and big companies.

Phil is a visionary type of person who can envision the entire product life cycle of WEBENCH for 10 - 20 years and has a clear road map to execute each step successfully. I was amazed of the WEBENCH idea when meeting with Phil in 1999 and I joined his team in 2006 to be a part of it. Whenever having a chance to chat with him, I still amaze of his dream list for future incoming road map, projects and new ideas. I was very proud to be a member of the winning team under his leadership in to deliver many great WEBENCH products and won many top awards from the semiconductor industry.

Phil knows how manage people in very effective way so even with a very small team, but he can tackle many big different projects successful. Phil is a detailed oriented manager with high demand and motivation for each team member to be successful but he also has a great care for the everyone in the team. He is easy to approach and listen to people, even co-op or intern students can easily come to him to discuss and share some innovation idea and he could take risk to implement it.

Phil has all great qualities that we look for in a manager to work with and to be successful with and I strongly believe that he is always surrounded with great and talented people heading to any challange.” August 22, 2012


1st Dien Mac, Software Engineer, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“I have worked very closely with Phil when he was general manager for Webench. Phil is definitely a true visionary. He came up with National's award-winning Web site. He then came up with the vision of Webench, assembled an exceptional software and applications team and turned his idea into an extremely successful electronics design and marketing cloud solution with many innovation awards under its belt. One of the key reasons for Webench success was due to Phil's continuous commitment on transforming the underlying design technologies into easy to use complete web-browsing experience which simply addresses customer needs without the learning curve.

In all my years of experience, few people stand out for their outstanding leadership and visionary qualities and Phil definitely sits on top of this list. His attitude and dedication to work are infectious to the team and stakeholders. It doesn't take long to interact with Phil to quickly realize
that he truely "walks the talk". In my opinion, this is key to building trust and long term work relationship.

In summary, I highly regard Phil and know that he will excel in any future project that he sets his mind to.

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of further assistance. I can be reached at” August 22, 2012


1st Makram Mansour, Sr. Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at Texas Instruments)



“I partnered closely with Phil Gibson on many projects while he was the General Manager for WEBENCH Design Center at Texas Instruments formerly National Semiconductor). I found Phil to be extremely well-organized, focused, responsive and highly ethical in all business activities. He was a team player and collaborated with my department ensure that together we focused on what was best for the overall success of th company. I would highly recommend Phil as he would be an excellant asset to any corporation.

Wandie Jenkins
Sr. Procurment Buyer/Contract Specialist” August 22, 2012


1st Wandie Jenkins, Sr. Procurement Buyer/Contract Specialist, Texas Instruments (Formerly National Semiconductor) (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil Gibson was the visionary responsible for creating and managing one of the most popular (with it's engineering target audience) semiconductor supplier websites in the industry. He set a standard that kept the website ahead of National Semi's competitors from the beginning of National's presence on the web. He continued it, most recently with a complete redesign of the site and an enhanced version of the WEBENCH design tool, which has so impressed TI that it's becoming the gold standard for application design within TI.

Phil has always been well ahead of the technology curve, something that made him invaluable to those of us working to improve our customer support and information systems. He also has a talent for hiring the best, brightest, and most helpful employees. If you need an innovative and seasoned manager, Phil is the right person for you.” August 22, 2012


1st Brigid O'Rourke, Global Business Manager, Systems & Processes, National Semiconductor Corporation (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor)



“Phil is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Semiconductor Industry and works extremely hard. He is an innovative thinker with an ability to communicate clearly. His strong coaching skills drive consistent results in management and in sales. It has been my pleasure working with him at National and TI. Best of Luck!” August 22, 2012


1st LaChelle Tellez, RTM/ Analog Pricing Manager- LED Lighting, Texas Instruments
(worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil is a very passionate manager with an eye to detail and an amazing foresight. I have worked in his organization at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments for a total of 5 years and those were the best years of my employed life.

Phil has been involved right from the birth of Webench to its wide-spread recognition in the power industry as a very useful tool. His ideas and his knowledge of what challenges a design engineer would face when it came to power his design, helped create the tool that is the pride of National/TI and envy of every other power IC manufacturing company.

Phil has the best attitude as a manager and will always listen to every employee who has ideas.” August 22, 2012


1st Akshay Mehta, Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments (worked indirectly for Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“At TI, Phil Gibson and WEBENCH are synonymous and will remain so. Phil is a meticulous, passionate and sincere entrepreneur. Extremely quick in customer satisfaction, knows to place technical/marketing/managerial resources perfectly and make best use of them. I am yet to see another person who has got it all -management, sound technical knowledge, communication skills and importantly one who places integrity above all. His customer interaction system is solid and has helped National and TI earn numerous design wins. Phil's management and attention to detail coupled with his employee feedback system, encourages every one on the team to deliver their best. He makes work environment very peaceful and comfortable for top employee efficiency. I would love to work with Phil again should our paths cross in the future. I wish him the very best out in the industry!” August 22, 2012


1st Pavani Jella, WEBENCH Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil created both National Semiconductor's award-winning website and WEBENCH Designer Tools. His visionary leadership has driven many innovative "firsts" that were copied and have since become standard in the industry. His marketing leadership has created a much more technically compelling, engineer-relevant analog MarCom presence and his dedication and management style fosters very strong loyalty among his employees.” August 22, 2012


1st Dave Lewis, WW Integrated Marketing Manager, National Semiconductor (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)




“I worked for Phil Gibson for many years. He has high expectations of his people, but he respects them and provides them every opportunity to grow.

He has the ability to create a family atmosphere while maintaining a high level of professionalism and performance in his group. He is highly respected not only by those that work for him but also his peers and superiors. Every bit of that respect is well deserved. I will miss working closely with him but will make every effort to remain in contact with him.” August 22, 2012


1st Corey Coronado, Program Manager for Evaluation Board Group, National Semiconductor (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil is a detail-oriented manager who really know what he was doing. As a leader he has clear vision of what he wants to accomplish and he will pursue his objective relentlessly.

Phil is one the most hard-working people I know. Very reliable and courteous. Clearly an expert in his field.

Phil would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation anytime.” August 22, 2012


1st William Citajaya, Software Engineer, Texas Instruments (reported to Phil at Texas Instruments)



“Phil is a true leader providing vision and direction. He lead the construction of from its infancy to a world class, award winning website. I believe his most significant accomplishment has been the development of the online electronic design WEBENCH Tools. This and several presentation techniques were far ahead of their time and have been copied by many other sites over the years.


He has demonstrated repeatedly his ability and courage to lead the organization into uncharted territory while encouraging them to find new, creative solutions to difficult technical problems.


He is a tireless marketer for his company and his team. He is relentless in his pursuit of goals. He is passionate in this domain of customer relations. Phil is one of the hardest working people that I know. Through almost 13 years, I know him to be tough and fair.
You want him on your team.” August 22, 2012

1st Marty Garrison, Software Engineer, Texas Instruments (worked indirectly for Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



VP, Marketing, National Semiconductor



“I knew Phil during most of his time at NSC. Phil was the visionary behind National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Design tools that won numerous industry awards. A muultitalented and highly intelligent individual Phil was also a great team player as well as having a highly developed understanding of customer service and satisfaction. The suite of tools developed by Phil and his team are continuing to be further enhanced, He was a great team-mate as well as dedicated corporate contributor. I hold Phil in the highest regard and can only recommend him fully.” October 4, 2012


1st John McKenna, Sales Operations Europe, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor)



“Phil created a cutting edge web based business system that enabled distributors to engage with customers at multiple levels. He took the time to understand customers design needs and the distributors business systems. The tools his team created are beneficial for the customers, distributor, and supplier. As a manager Phil helped his team envision tools that were multiple steps ahead of anything else on the market.” September 12, 2012


1st Patrice Kader, WW Channel Marketing Manager, National Semiconductor (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor)



“While many were deciding on whether or not to have a Web site, Phil was using engineering focus groups to tune National Semi's Web site. The National team under Phil used inputs from users in the sessions and code the improved screens a few minutes later. This enabled National to leap ahead in Web site usability before their competitors even got started. National's WEBENCH was one of the first uses of interactive content and personality (Bob Pease) in the high tech business. Vision like that put Phil in the top 10% of marketing executives.” September 6, 2012


1st Buford Barr, Professor of Practice, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University (was with another company when working with Phil at National Semiconductor)



“I enjoyed very much the opportunity to work, discuss and interact with Phil at National. He always had brilliant ideas how to improve sales and application engineer efficiency and always quickly responded to my requests and inputs. With the WEBENCH tool we together wrote history and this was, and still is, an extremely important sales tool for me at Texas Instruments.” August 27, 2012


1st Sture Haglund B.S.E.E., Regional Distribution Manager, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil was a lead by example type of manager. Over the years that I worked with him, he was consistent in delivering what was needed not just for the customers but also his internal customers, people like me who worked in different product lines. Phil understood the value of marketing through web content and was able to translate customer needs by implementing simple yet powerful interactive tools with his team.” August 22, 2012


1st soufiane bendaoud, Regional Marketing Manager, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)




VP, TECHNICAL SALES, National Semiconductor



“I have had the privilege of working with Phil Gibson over the past 4+ years and it is without hesitation I recommend him as a senior executive who can not only deliver on promises, but also drive industry leading innovation. Phil's development of WEBENCH was a gamechanger that enabled any engineer to design complete power systems, and generate leads for the sales force in the process. Phil is always willing to take feedback and acts immediately to improve the user experience and generate more revenue. Over the years, I became a champion for WEBENCH because of Phil's leadership and his unwavering loyalty to those that share the same passion and work ethic as he does. I consider Phil to be an excellent executive, leader, colleague, and friend” September 20, 2012


1st Preet Sibia, Technical Manager/Marketing Programs Consultant, Worldwide Distribution, National Semiconductor (worked with Phil at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments)



“Phil is an extremely talented pro who knows many fields very well --- he instigated National's web-based customer initiatives; he built our web site from scratch; he launched our online marketing programs; and he managed many people selflessly. Works seamlessley with product lines and corporate groups. A great guy and a team player who can manage without overmanaging. Outstanding person and colleauge.” September 25, 2006


1st Jeff Weir, Director Worldwide Public Relations, National Semiconductor (reported to Phil at National Semiconductor)





VP, Corporate Marketing, National Semiconductor Corporation



“Phil’s vision for National created and evolved one of the top web sites in the world. I don't know anyone who combines his skills and experience in both marketing and technology, and also has the analytic ability to figure out what a given set of customers wants and will respond to. Phil figured out how to make the web work for customers and for his business years before it dawned on his peers that chasing page views wasn't the point.


Phil has collaborated for years with a group of Visionaries from around the globe, providing the insight that helped the group and individual members come to grips with complex marketing and technical issues. His loyalty and generosity are admired. Phil does a lot of listening, and when he speaks, his words are eagerly attended.” August 28, 2012


1st Susan Aldrich, Consultant and Analyst, Patricia Seybold Group (worked directly with Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation)



“Phil is an insightful leader at National Semiconductor where he and his team led the industry in component-search automation, on-line design tools, and quick-turn reference-design kits. By developing the sophisticated systems that provide these services, National Semiconductor stand out as innovators of design services for OEM engineers.

In my capacity as a trade publication technical editor, I met with Phil regularly and found him to be a candid information source who valued fair and balanced reporting over inflated prose. He also welcomed critiques of his organization's services and turned several suggestions into new features.” April 12, 2007


1st Joshua Israelsohn, Technical Editor, EDN Worldwide/Reed Business Information
(was with another company when working with Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation)



“Phil is a recurring character in my books - no, not a fictitious character. He has been the driving force at National Semiconductor, ensuring their website has always been customer-centric.

Phil has customer focus in his veins and continues to lead the way in online marketing. He has offered must-use online applications to his customers and integrated web analytics with contact management systems. He's given control of client extranets to the direct sales team and is one of the people I go to when I'm wondering, "What's next?"” October 9, 2006


1st Jim Sterne, Owner, Target Marketing (worked directly with Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation)



“Phil is the sharpest e-business visionary I know. I recommend him heartily for any role involving strategy, execution and e-savvy. I have chronicled his successes and learnings in three books. Pls. feel free to contact me.

Patty Seybold” October 9, 2006

1st Patricia Seybold, Owner, Patricia Seybold Group (was a consultant or contractor to Phil at National Semiconductor Corporation)



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