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You already have product marketing Teams and business units that are experts about their markets and products so why do you have to do research and understand the markets for your Web site and sales funnel.  It's just a Web site, right?  The answer is that everything that you build and offer is an integral part of your marketing sales funnel.  You have to understand the markets and the opportunity so that you invest in lasting advantage in growing markets.  That will drive up your share and the profits of your company.


The first critical step is to consider the wide range of markets addressed by the products provided by your company.

  • Are your markets and customers growing, stable, or shrinking?
  • Are your development efforts and resources aligned to your growth markets?


Are you investing in the systems and services to support your current revenue?  If not, make the tactical adjustments where you can to align your resources to your top products and customers.  If you have influence, lobby your stakeholders to align their resources to your target markets as well.


It is important to not be defensive here.  Markets constantly change so it is not unusual for resources to be out of alignment with the opportunity.  Organizations resist change naturally so the bigger the company the easier it is to fall off track.  This kind of market analysis has to be done frequently.  My experience is that an annual plan is good for a deep dive but tactical objectives have to be adjusted quarterly to adapt to competitors and moving consumers.  This kind of organizational flexibility will generate conflict in organizations.  When you use this type of flexible strategy you can be labeled in a positive way as a "change agent" but you can also be labeled as a "cowboy" or "dangerous" because you will threaten more conservative or stable approaches to doing business.  Be aware of the political implications and which groups your 'flexibility" may disrupt.  Change will create conflict and it is important to prepare for situations that may arise.



This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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