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Search tracking is the health monitor for your Web site.  It is very very important to follow the trends for your queries. 


Your Google referrals are the same as market share.  Monitoring your position on the first page of the Google search results for your target phrases must be done monthly.  How does is your position trending?  If the downward movement is significant, you may find that Google was not able to search your site for some inadvertent reason.  It is easy to get comfortable but one midtyped entry in a robots.txt file can drop your site off the face of the earth.


Your onsite query metrics will vary over time but the major terms will be very stable unless you shift the architecture of your site.  Look for changes that reflect your site adjustments.  While the top rank queries should be stable, new queries are worth monitoring as well to look for problems, trends, or new opportunties to delight your visitors.


On a daily basis, monitor total queries, page delivery speeds, and click throughs.  These metrics should be "normal" for the typical day of the week.  I also like to monitor Top Account Queries each day.  The volume is not overwhelming and you can learn a lot from this ongoing free focus group research.


On a weekly or monthly basis dependin on your resource, monitor your search rank for concept key word terms on Google; look for trends or significant changes.  If a competitor is climbing for one of your key concepts, find out what they did to change their site.  Monitor your referrals over time to see if you are holding your market share for these terms.  If you begin to loose rank and the term is important to you, raise your ad spend budget for these terms.  This is a term by term battle for market (mind) share.  Do not give up any ground.



This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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