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No Sacred Cows

If it does not make sense, start over.


The evangelist in us is needed to to drive the direction and motivation for our teams.  We need to be able to review the current "is" map and decide if the current systems address the service needs of our customers and if not, be willing to advocate change regardless of who created your business systems or when they were created.  The reason is that change is constant and the business reasons that exsited when a system was conceived are never likely to still be exactly the same and still in place with a brand new environmental review today.  Do not let your corporate biases or inertia hold you back.  This can create conflict but as the leader you have to manage through it.


Create a "start up" environment in your company.  Take a clean slate to business analysis and be open to new ideas with a "can do" attitude.  Look at your competitors.  Where can you win relative to them and will your systems enable this?  Recruit the resources you need to get the agility platforms or systems in place and be open to looking outside your organization or your company for the agility you need.


And finally, be likeable.  Coach your system teams with strategy (direction) in mind but give them the authority to make decisions.  This will lead to independent innovation and they will delight you with creative ways to service your customers.




This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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