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Structure/Focus - Ease of Use

Logical consistently structured sites lead to customer satisfaction. goes further than just make their sites easy to use.  They start with a reliable consistent experience and then they watch their customers and look for ways to surprise and delight them with relevant extensions to help their customers along the path of purchase.  They do this by maintaining their transactional focus with the next step always in the right place.  This is no accident.


Amazon experiments with alternatives for their customers on their sites frequently.  Where they stand out is by closely listening to what their customers do and suggest on their sites and then rapidly delivering enhancements that deliver ease of use in those directions.


Customer scenario mapping is the best way to accomplish this evolution.  Come up with the key activities that your customers want to accomplish through your site.  Map out the steps they have to go through to accomplish each one of these today and how you might ideally provide those steps.  These services may be available to you today or you may have to invest in creating these capabilities.  That is the first step in your development.  The "is" map and where you want to go.


Response time, accuracy, relevance, execution


This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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