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Once you have captured the CEO's directions and the strategies of the key stakeholders, it is time to summarize these in visuals and supporting text that everyone can follow.


Spread the word on these strategies.  Get feedback from the Factory and the Field.  Do these messages resonate?  Can your businesses derive their directions from the strategy?  Actionable strategies will lead to innovation and faster decision making.

Big Picture / Brand Message

This guidance will lead your personal efforts and it will also give the entire corporation guidance on how to make decisions.  Your role will determine how you use it. 


Your organization will own the communication for this strategy.  This vision or flight path, if well communicated, will enable every organization to lay in their own strategy and make decisions to align to the core strategy. 


I believe this is most effective when organizations are also given responsibility and authority.  This flexibility accelerates decision making and leads to agility.

Brand Message

What is the ONE message a customer should think of when your company is mentioned?  This message should be reflected by your investments, products, advertising, Web site, and tools.


Consistency is everything in brand messaging.  Build equity with your investments.


The position of your corporate strategy relative to competition cannot be overlooked. 


One thing I can guarantee you is that your competitors are not stupid.  I have been in too many executive meetings where competitors were mocked.  Competitors have great strategies too and they drive their sales and profits just as hard as your company.  You can beat your competitors by out-executing them but not because they are stupid.


Always ask the question, "What is the competition doing and how will they react?".


This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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