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Scripted Expectations

Back to customer scenarios, whether it is web page design, or scripted marketing dialogs, it is often useful to map out the discussion formats and pre-create the preferred response dialogs.  Vendors like Avaya have come up with very advanced means of scripting agents with a series of yes/no decision trees where agents can follow the dialog and be offered a proactive discussion prompt with recommended up-sell opportunities along the way.  This is one more way to map out the process, listen to the customer, and recommend the ideal selling funnel just like we do in web page design.


For any likely dialog interaction, provide a scripted response.  Just like web pages, these should be trialed, measured, updated, and trialed again.  This constant improvement of your scripts can be leveraged on the phone, on your web site, in your follow up email marketing dialogs, and even by your sales force. 


In later sections, I will cover the concept of Just In Time Training or JIT for short.  JIT is another way to look across functional organizations and leverage the content created during your launches and repurpose it with your sales force and your channel partners.  This method is especially effective with channel partners where they work with your product or service infrequently and it is very hard for them to stay up to date on the latest value propositions or competitive advantages for your products.  JIT is a way to make this easy and encourage your sales partners to up-sell at every opportunity like an expert.




This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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