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Transactional Funnel

Getting a visitor to a page is a good accomplishment.  Moving to great is bringing them through the process to a transaction. 


Success is ideally based on 4 items: Relevance, Teasers, Fulfillment, and Simplicity.


Relevance: The user came to this page with a concept in mind.  They were guided there through navigation, a useful reference by a peer, referred by your search engine, or referred there by GoogleDialog flow.  When they get there, the page should reinforce that concept, verify that they are in the right place, validate that this is the place for this concept.


Teasers: These do not have to be blatant.  They should imply that the visitor will be fulfilled by completing the flow.  There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This can be done with images, tables of contents, seductive abstracts, and descriptions of why the user will be successful or a superstar if they take this process through to fulfillment.


Fulfillment: A clear transactional button in the middle of the visitor's screen where they can enjoy the completion of their fulfillment.  This is the place!  Click on this button for success.  Do this for fulfillment of your aspirations. 


Simplicity: Please avoid cluttering up your landing pages with dozens of alternatives for your visitors to follow (exit links).  The objective of focusing your search and navigation traffic on these winning pages for each concept is to lead your visitors to complete their transactions in as easy a way as possible.  You will need to measure your success at moving visitors through these funnels.  The easier you make this process for your visitors (the fewer choices that you force them to choose between), the more succesful you will be.  If you give them one way out of a page instead of 10 ways out of a page, your liklihood of success improves.









This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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