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Web Page Phrase Integration

Now, we'll get to an additional reason for the need to identify the core competencies and the intellectual property equity of your company in our early strategy sections.  These competencies provide you with the core of the key word concepts and phrases that you will build into your publishing and launch process.


In my time marketing for National Semiconductor, we monitored 100 key phrases or concepts that were considered important for our business.  Our ranking on Google's search results was tracked for everyone one of these terms each week.  Our target pages were listed first in the organic results on more than 50% of these terms.  We were listed second or third for the rest.  In all cases, our pages were found on Google's first page of results.  This was by design and was no accident.


Starting with component and document standards, we began to integrate these targeted phrases into every aspect of product launch.  Engineers were encouraged to include these key phrases in their documents, advertising was created around these terms, press releases were framed and rewritten with the key phrases in mind, and landing pages were infested with Google bait for these phrases. 


Architecting these results required touching or redesigning every process along the launch and promotional systems.  It probably took us 2-3 years to take it start to finish but the results were fantastic.  Everyone starts at the final web page or portal with a new launch.  If you look at the entire publishing and content creation cycle, you can achieve significant gains in effectiveness.



This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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