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Recognize & Remember Your Customers

One of the easiest ways to keep your customers happy is to remember what they tell you about themselves.  The pre-filling of forms seems so automatic for a professional web site that when this simple feature is missing on a site, it immediately angers visitors.


If I just filled out a form on your site, why would you ask me a few pages later to do it again?  This is usually just sloppy developer work but it is very important to customer experience. If you ask a customer for information, store it so you can leverage it elsewhere on your site.


A related concept is not to scare away a visitor by asking them for every bit of personal information when it is not necessary.  This is sometimes called "drip" profiling.  The idea is to ask initially for only the minimum profiling content you need and then over time offering additional profiling requests or opportunities for your visitor.  It is natural that as users become comfortable with a web site and see no abuse of their information, they will be willing to provide additional descriptions of their interests.


The key point here is to value your customer's time as you do your own.  Be courteous and respectful of their time and information and they will reward you with their loyalty.


This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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