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Current Products

Where are you successful today?


  • What are your best selling products?  Top 10, Top 100, Top 1000's?
  • Are you the market leader in any of these products?  Who are the competitors?
  • How is the product revenue distributed globally?
  • How are these products purchased?  Direct or through Distributors?
  • What are the life cycles of those products?
  • What are the profit margins of those products?

Potential Expansion

Where are the fastest growing markets?  Are you already a player in these markets?  Who are the leading competitors?  Can you be number 1 or number 2 in this growth area?  Do you have to displace someone to get there?


These are basic marketing questions and there are many indepth guides around the Web to help you through this analysis.  The real question is how will you win in these segments?  I can guarantee you that it will not be because the encumbent competitors are stupid and waiting for you to replace them.  You can win if you understand the markets, the channels, and listen to the customers so you deliver what they want.

Top 10/Top 100 Customers

Similar to markets, your customer analysis should follow the same simple guides.


Who are your best customers?  Top 10, Top 100, Top 1000's?

  • How is your business partitioned regionally around the globe.  Is the design and purchase decision in the same location.
  • What percentage of your business is direct versus through your channels.
  • What market share do you have at your top accounts?  Are you the largest supplier or just one of the crowd.  Who are the competitors?
  • What is your senior management engagement like at the top accounts?  Is the relationship trending up or down?
  • What is your profitability at those top customers?
  • How do you support those top customers?


This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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