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Team Experience

Find and recruit people with passion.  They can follow your lead and be enthusiastic evangelists for your cause. 


You can certainly get fresh new perspectives from new hires right out of college.  You'll definitely want those in your mix.  These new hires are lower cost and usually easier to justify and hire. 


Personally, I put a premium on successful or unsuccessful business experience, and cast offs from other organizations, especially from varied backgrounds.  Those individuals may not have been successful as specialists because they retain skills across many areas.  That deficit is just what you need to cross the chasm.  Experienced Team members that have learned from their previous success or failures are able to add context to discussions based on what works in real practice and specialization. 


You still want to recruit for passion but knowledge has value.   There will always be new techologies but fundamental business needs seldom change.  The customer comes first and everything else is just to support that concept.


Consider forming Teams with individuals with mixed strengths.  The combination can achieve more than the parts.  I found great success with 3 member Teams (marketing, apps, software).  These mixed knowledge base groups were very productive together.


Attitude matters!  Select and promote people that:

1. come to work early, stay late, and love their jobs.  These types of leaders lead by example and are infectious. They focus on the positives and are open to change.

2. suggest new or additional services and volunteer for extra assignments with the right attitude.

3. help others complete their tasks without demands and continue to expand their skills.  They encourage Team progress ahead of self.

4. find a way to get the job done regardless of the budget, situation or environment.  They don't complain about peers or the environment; They look for solutions.

5. deliver on commitments.  Everyone is more productive when they can depend on each other.




This Web site is aimed at capturing some of the basic concepts I use when creating integrated marketing programs and leveraging the internet.


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